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So my younger brother said “If you had a boyfriend I would tell you what he would like.”
I’m just like “Oh really. What would that be?”
He says “If he farts, laugh. Always laugh. If you don’t, he’ll get upset and cry.”

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if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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Denny’s Diner Dating Tip #4356


When attempting to impress your Denny’s date, try not to order for them. You’ll look pretty dumb when the waitress is all, “and what kind of toast with that?” and you stare blankly like a deer caught in breakfast-colored headlights because you forgot that there were options for toast, other than just toast.

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skipping school today bc my dad is just as lazy as I am


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SHINee are the first and only Asian artists to hold a concert at Abbey Road Studios. This is the legendary music studio that was home to the Beatles and Pink Floyd, and many other legends of the music industry’s echelon. Over 1,000 fans from the UK and across Europe crammed the streets, prompting the CEO of Abbey Road Studios said - “It was the first time so many people had gathered outside the studio. I thought the Beatles had come back.”
SHINee have done something that no one else in Asia, let alone the K-Pop industry, have done. No, they will never be the Beatles. No, they will never even be the best K-Pop group. But this is something SHINee World can hold special, only for us. No one else can take this milestone.
And that is something worth being proud of.

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